Jr. & Sr. High School Administration

Smith, Stephanie

Stephanie Smith


The pursuit of God, knowledge, compassion and leadership is the foundation of what we believe provides excellence in academics. Education is not only in the classroom. This is why we provide an opportunity for students to participate in science camps, field trips, service projects, weekly chapel services, spiritual emphasis week, and various forms of leadership.

Teachers at GV Christian School are faithful, dedicated and loving as they challenge and disciple students to achieve greatness. We believe in the importance of pushing our students to do their very best. In doing this we provide interactive lessons to reach all types of learners, short and long term projects to develop time management, and use the media to teach life lessons. We are more than just a team of educators. We are a team working with parents to help mold and shape our students into adults that strive to change the world.

We take the responsibility of giving your child a well rounded education very seriously. We know that choosing your child's school is an important decision and we look forward to working with you.

Polaski, Don

Don Polaski

Assistant Principal

Don Polaski, born and raised in Superior Wisconsin, was the fourth oldest in a family of 13 children. At a very young age he became the home front guardian, cooking and caring for his siblings. In 1974, he met the neatest person in the whole world. He knew when he first met her that she was truly someone very special and have been together ever since.

They spent over a quarter of a century in the Air Force, so they tend to be just a "wee" bit patriotic and very dedicated to those things they believe in. During his career in the Air Force, he held several jobs that revolved around teaching and the Air Force saw to it that he received a multitude of training as a teacher. Stationed in Germany for ten and a half years, he has been to numerous countries all over Europe and the Middle East as well as in the Pacific.

In 1999, after several years of night and weekend classes, he received dual Master Degrees. He retired from the Air Force ready to begin a new career. He was the Administrator for his church, daycare and school, held construction jobs, aided a friend with his business, and worked in the mortgage field doing church loans. At one point, he became a principal of a school.

As a teacher and Assistant Principal at GV Christian School, Mr. Polaski says; "I have the awesome and totally incredible honor of shaping the futures of a small segment of a generation. They will have the responsibility of carrying on the traditions and guarding the morals and future of this great country, ensuring the freedom of spreading God's mighty word. I am blessed every day."

Johnson, Christy

Christy Johnson

Brown, Wendy

Wendy Brown

Admin Assistant
Killoran, Michelle

Michelle Killoran

Front Desk & Teacher's Assistant