GV Christian School provides a Christian workplace whose passionate goal is to be the best Christian school in the United States.

This goal is at the heart of every policy we make and every program that we offer. We believe this goal is completely attainable over the next few years as we continually strive to provide an academic and spiritual environment that challenges our students to achieve their academic best, as well as to be spiritually and emotionally maturing at an advanced pace.

Equal Opportunity Employment

GV Christian does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, sex, disability, or age. Functioning as a non-profit Christian ministry, GV Christian is allowed by law to discriminate on the basis of religion. Sexual Harassment and other types of harassment are illegal under Federal and State Law. GV Christian is committed to providing a place of work free of Sexual Harassment. Where Sexual Harassment is found to have occurred, GV Christian will act to stop the harassment, to prevent its recurrence, and to discipline those responsible in accordance with the Nevada Administrative Code. Sexual Harassment is a form of discrimination; it is illegal. No employee should be subject to unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature. Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. It refers to behavior of a sexual nature that is not welcome, that is personally offensive, and that interferes with performance. Other types of harassment includes: bullying, stalking, verbal, physical, and racial. GV Christian will not tolerate such harassment. It is expected that employees will treat one another with respect.

Preschool Openings

Love Jesus? Want to teach His children? Accepting applications for Part-Time & Substitute positions.

K-5 Openings

  • Substitute Position
    • GVCS is looking for qualified people who love Jesus and love children to be on our sub list. Days and times will vary... If interested, please stop by the front desk and fill out an application. Requirements: CPR/First Aid Certified, Child Care and Food Handler Health Card & Signs and Symptoms of Illness Certification.

6-12 Openings

More information coming soon.

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