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GVCS Update: Dirt Lot, New Worship Center & Classrooms


Spring is on its way and growth is in the air!

I am so excited to be bringing great news about improvements to our school and facility.

Just before the recession hit we had plans to enlarge our facility, but the recession put the brakes on our expansion. A few years ago we decided to go ahead and just pave the dirt lot, since it looked like we would not be building and I emailed you with the great news that we would be paving the dirt lot. However the economy started turning around and it began to look like maybe we would be able to begin the next phase of our building after all. The wise and financially prudent thing was to hold off paving the dirt lot, and wait awhile until we were sure we could build, as the newly paved dirt lot would just end up getting torn up with the construction of the next phase.

The great news is that we will finally be able to pave the dirt parking lot and the best news is that it will be part of a larger building project where we will be adding a bigger Worship Center, a new lobby, and additional classrooms. Hallelujah! the current Worship Center will be converted into a gym as it was originally designed and built to be. It is an exciting time to be part of the GV Christian family!

GV Christian School is at an all time record high enrollment with even higher projected enrollment this fall. Now is the time to register your children to ensure they can continue their enrollment with us and that they'll be here to see and enjoy our beautiful campus expansion project. We will be sending out more information and details as the planning process progresses.

GV Christian Principals
Mrs. Ingalls, Mrs.. Smith and Mrs. Gonzales