Preschool - 2's

2'sOur 2 Year Old Program consists of three potty training classrooms:

  • Cubs: 2 years-2 ½ years of age
  • Tigers: 2 ½-Entrance of 3 Year Old Program
  • Ducks: 2 ½-Entrance of 3 Year Old Program

We teach the children about God and His love for them. We introduce simple Biblical truths such as love, honesty and respect for others and ourselves. Our program has been established to provide a loving Christian environment in which children may have an opportunity to socially interact with others, share feelings and possessions, learn to cooperate and develop self-esteem.

Children learn through physical play and a variety of hands on activities. Each week is a different theme that includes language development, arts and crafts, stories, music, and simple games that provide the child the opportunity for having fun and meeting new friends in a nurturing environment. Our students are given teacher guided and self-guided experiences in which they can explore. Through these activities and the sharing of Bible stories, we share God's love.

Our staff is highly qualified and committed to provide success as children enter our 3 Year Old Program. Emphasis is placed on a strong home-school relationship. We believe working closely with parents is the best way to ensure each child's personal success. On a monthly basis you are able to download the Preschool Newsletter, Curriculum Calendar and Classroom Newsletter.

Each day your child will have a “Daily Sheet” which is a record of your child’s food intake, nap, diaper change/ potty training information, medication (if administered) behavior and comments from the teachers.

Each child in our 2 Year Old Program will participate in our various Parent Night Activities, Chapel and our Christmas Program.