4th Grade

Bible (Positive Action Bible Curriculum)

Building Life Castles

The focus in fourth grade is the New Testament. We learn about the life of Christ --His miracles, parables, teachings and saving grace. Throughout the year we focus on the character of Christ and how to apply His teachings to our everyday lives.

Classroom management focuses on promoting honorable character traits from the Word of God such as kindness, honesty, forgiveness, responsibility, obedience, etc. This helps the students understand how each decision they make is tied into honoring God and each other.

All fourth grade classes memorize an increasing amount of Bible verses. The verses correlate with lessons throughout the year. Students also learn how to apply the Bible verse to their lives through a daily reflection journal called a SOAP Study

Twice a year each class helps lead our school-wide chapel service. The class decides on a message with music, then performs in front of the school.


Math (5th Grade Saxon Curriculum)

  • Place Value
  • Multiplication and division
  • Problem Solving
  • Fractions
  • Equations
  • Geometry

Students participate in daily Power Up Activities and monthly math investigations. We also use nightly online videos to supplement the classroom experience. Included in our cyclical curriculum we have weekly cumulative tests.


Reading (Various Novels)

Throughout the year, students read eight curriculum books:

  • Indian In The Cupboard
  • Ben & Me
  • If You Lived In Colonial Williamsburg
  • Toliver’s Secret
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats Of Nimh
  • By The Great Horn Spoon
  • If You Lived During The Civil War
  • Young Americans Series

Books are read daily in class as well as at home during homework assignments. The stories develop vocabulary skills and strengthen reading abilities. The students learn how to read quickly with comprehension through weekly timed tests. Book reports (oral/written) are assigned once per quarter. Books are 150-250 pages in length. These are intended to introduce report writing and encourage public speaking. One of the highlights is a report on a historical person of Colonial America and our Greenville Town.


Language Arts Institute for Excellence in Writing: Fix It Grammar

Student Writing Intensive: Structure and Style (Institute for Excellence in Writing)

Greek and Latin Roots (Learning Roots)

Weekly homework is assigned as well as weekly vocabulary quizzes and spelling bee contests. Students are tested weekly for their mastery of words. Tests include dictated sentences along with spelling and vocabulary words with their definitions. Poetry models teach correct phrasing.


History and Geography

  • The History of the United States
  • Geography Maps and Reviews
  • Nevada History: Our Home

Students explore U.S. History from its first explorers, early colonists, American Revolution, gold and silver rush, to the Civil War. We strive to make History come alive. All fourth grade students participate in a benchmark project to create a Colonial Town “Greenville” after Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Also students will travel to Carson City to learn about our Nevada government and the great history of our state.


Great American Challenge

Fourth grade participates in this challenge that includes memorization of:

  •  Preamble to the Constitution
  •  First Amendment to the Constitution
  •  The first segment to the Declaration of Independence
  •  The Statue of Liberty Inscription
  •  Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
  •  Presidents
  •  States and Capitals
  •  Geographical facts and locations



Nancy Larson Science

In this comprehensive science program students learn a wide array of vocabulary and study cells, plants, animals, ecosystems, and energy. This intensive program teaches students how to take notes, highlight and identify keywords and phrases in the reading passages. They also participate in hands on activities and experiments.


Field Trips/Expedition Trips

We participate in 6 field trips throughout that year that go along with our history and science curriculum. We also take a trip to Carson City, NV to visit the state capital and we also travel to Lake Tahoe and learn about conservation, the ecosystem, and participate in science experiments using local flora and fauna.



P.E. (twice a week)
Art (twice a week)
Computers (twice a week)
Music (twice a week)
Chapel (once a week)