Children learn and grow when the world around them is nurturing and stimulating.

They learn through physical play and a variety of hands-on activities. Each week's theme includes language development, arts/crafts, stories, music and simple games that provide opportunities to make new friends and have fun. Our students are given teacher-guided and self-guided experiences in which they can explore.

Our school teaches children about God and His love for them. We introduce simple biblical truths like love, honesty and respect for others/ourselves. We provide a loving Christian environment where children can share feelings and possessions, learn to cooperate and develop self-esteem.

Our staff partners with each parent to ensure their child's success.

Welcome to the GVCS Family!

What Parents Are Saying

I'm so proud of our school and so glad that I was led to it years ago. I view the tuition as an investment into my daughters' hearts... and I go to work knowing that my girls are being taught all the things I would want to teach them if I were able to stay home.

Bonnie Levesque

One of the biggest worries was the level of love and attention my boys would receive in my absence. I see the teachers and staff, on a regular basis, showing love to my boys. It's an awesome experience to hear them tell our family doctor about Jesus while getting a check-up.

Rachel Allen

My boys truly enjoy learning now and they astound friends and family with their knowledge. I have been truly blessed with teachers that love God and teach my boys the importance of learning about God's Word.

Rochelle Ludlow