Gym & Multipurpose Facility

April 2022 Update

March 2022 Update

All of GVCS's basketball and volleyball home games will soon be played in our own GVCS gym!

Hallelujah! we are getting very close (maybe 3 weeks away) to the start of construction on our gym.  We will be having a groundbreaking ceremony for the school and a separate one for the church very soon.  We know the gym will be a great benefit and blessing for our wonderful students and our school and church programs.  We can’t wait to see the gym full of kids running around, playing games and having PE inside!  Our gym will be able to accommodate our basketball, volleyball, cheer teams and PE classes.

It’s pretty miraculous that our varsity boys won the 1A Basketball State Championship and our varsity girls took 2nd place in the 1A championship game, considering the fact we don’t even have a gym!  You know that’s God and of course great students and coaching too!

I’m writing to let you know we were just recently informed that the plan we always had for accommodating the construction process had to change, because of the far reaching perimeters of the construction site and fencing.  Unfortunately, most of the dirt lot will not be accessible.  The Directors and I are currently putting together a new plan which is going to be exceptionally tight as far as parking, drop offs and pick ups.  We are trying to coordinate some close-by offsite parking for our employees to make the extremely limited parking a little easier.  Any carpooling would be a tremendous help too.

We will all have to work together with a happy heart to accommodate the construction process.  The good news is, the construction process is only supposed to take 7-8 months (3 months of the 7-8 months will be over summer) and although it will be a big pain to work around; in the overall scheme of things it's a relatively short amount of time.  I’m so glad we have such incredible and vested staff which is just one of the many reasons why we love you all so much!

Once our temporary construction plan to accommodate parking for staff and parents is finalized we will be sending out the plan to all our staff and parents. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND UNDERSTANDING!

Over the next 7-8 months after the start of construction please keep in mind, “blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.”  We sure want you to be blessed!

With Much Love,
Pastors Meg and Gary

May 2021 Update

Partner with us to build the gym! It's a tax-deductible donation.