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School Choice Update #1

Here are the latest recommendations based on the ever changing information we are receiving on the School Choice Bills recently passed in Nevada:


Scholarships up to $7,750 based on economic need. Family must be at 300% of the poverty level or below to qualify. We are a registered school. See Nevada Choice Scholarship Program for more information and a list of Scholarship Organizations to apply at.


If your child attended CCSD for the 2014-2015 school year, you are eligible if you complete an early application before the first day of school (August 17th). Go to

Any child entering kindergarten or first grade (child under the age of 7) should try for an Educational Savings Account by submitting an early application at the above website. Exact regulations on this age group are still up in the air.

Children that did not attend a CCSD school during 2014-2015 can receive eligibility in the following ways:

Students entering 2nd thru 5th grade can enroll in online CCSD class for 100 days while simultaneously attending GV Christian School. An individualized study plan will be made during the first weeks of school so that the student can do both.

Students entering 6th thru 12th grade can enroll in one online CCSD course (must be one we don’t offer) for 100 days to gain eligibility. Then can submit an application to the State Treasurer’s office in February when they have completed 100 days.

At this point, the first ESA money will be distributed on April 1 for $1250 per qualifying student. We are prepared to help our parents in any way we can in order to benefit from this legislation. If you have any additional questions, please register your email with the Nevada State Treasurer’s office to receive up to the minute updates.