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School Choice Update #2

Dear GV Christian Family,

There has been a change in the eligibility rules. Dual enrollment is now NOT an option. If you still want to enroll your child in CCSD to gain the 100 days so you will be elgible for the Educational Savings Account, I will start working on a plan to keep them academically strong, especially in math. Here was the annoucement.


Nevada’s Education Savings Account Program

State Treasurer’s Office Clarifies ESA Eligibility

(Carson City, NV) – The Treasurer’s Office has been notified by the Nevada Department of Education that pursuant to NRS 388.850, a private school or “home school” student may not participate in a program of distance education (online class) to satisfy the 100 school day requirement. Nevada Revised Statute 388.850 prevents a private school or “home school” student from enrolling in a program of distance education (online class).

However, a private school or “home school” student may qualify for an ESA by taking one or more classes in a public or charter school, pursuant to NRS 386.580(5) and 392.070(3).

“This is not the outcome we had proposed,” said Grant Hewitt, Treasurer’s Chief of Staff. “With school starting in just a few days, we want to ensure that parents had clarity on the issue. We hope that the Legislature addresses this issue in an upcoming legislative session so students can qualify for an ESA though a program of distance education while still attending their primary education choice,” Hewitt said.

In an online note, State Treasurer Dan Schwartz added, “We’re still pleased that prospective ESA account holders may satisfy the 100 school day requirement by enrolling in one (or more) courses at a public or charter school. And, of course, Nevadans are still encouraged to voice their opinions at our upcoming August 21 Workshop.”