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School Choice Update #5

Dear GV Christian Family,

Over the holidays the legislature met and approved the following exemptions to the 100 day rule to apply for an ESA:

The regulations provided two exemptions to the 100 day rule, those are:

  1. If your child is over 5 by September 30th of the school year and under age 7, they would be exempted from the 100 days. This means that children who are not required by Nevada law to attend a public school could exercise their educational choice without having to obtain 100 days in the public school system.
  2. If you are an active duty military family, who is based in Nevada, your children will not have to obtain the 100 days in a Nevada public school. This will help aid in the already difficult transition for families as they become stationed in Nevada.  This is just a small way for Nevada to say thank you for your service, and welcome.

If you fall in either one of these categories and have not yet applied for an Educational Savings Account ($5,000 a year to be used toward private school per child), I would strongly urge you to apply when the enrollment reopens on February 1st at