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School Choice Update #7

There are two distinct School Choice programs.

1) SB302 ESA (Education Savings Accounts) Gives each student $5,000 to use for private education and is currently on hold due to law suits. Oral arguments for both the Lopez injunction and the Duncan ACLU appeal will be heard by the Nevada Supreme Court on July 29th unless an extension is granted. The earliest possible funding date for this program is November and if it moves forward then the Treasurer’s office will be accepting applications August 1st – Sept 30th. We encourage all 5 and 6 year olds to apply as they are exempt from the 100 days in public school provision. You can find additional details and updates at:

2) AB165 The second program is the scholarship program based on the household size and income. Scholarships of up to $7,750 are available. If your household earns 300% or less of the poverty level as determined by the federal government, your family will be eligible. (if 2 people in the household must have a household income less than $48,060, 3 people must have less than $60,480, 4 people less than $72,900, 5 people less than $85,320 and 6 people less than $97,740, etc.)

If your family qualifies, you will want to go to the web page: under “Scholarship Organizations” in the right hand column click on the link for Registered SGOs 2016-2017. Contact these groups for applications and other details. Each entity has its own application which when completed must be returned to them with their application fee. They will then decide if they have funding for a scholarship for your child or children.