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6th Grade fall photoIt is our passionate goal to be the best Christian school in the United States.

This goal is at the heart of every policy we make and every program that we offer. We provide an academic and spiritual environment that challenges our students to achieve their academic best, as well as to be spiritually and emotionally maturing at an advanced pace. We do this with the curriculum we use, the class trips that we take, the incredible teachers who invest daily in the lives of our students and by working together with our parents as a team.

GVCS works diligently to provide not the only the best courses that give you what you need to graduate with an Advanced Honors Diploma, but properly sets you on the path to attend any college of your choice. Through our Life Skills class in your senior year we prepare you with all that is necessary in the college process. We help you to be diligent throughout your high school years in the three areas that colleges hold to be of equal value; GPA, extracurricular activities and community service.

What Our Parents Are Saying

Luis Valencia

The teachers instruct the students very well. I'm so thankful that God has provided the money so my children can go to GVCS!!!graduation pic cavanaughs 2

June Berry

My daughter is so very happy and blessed to be apart of this school. She is in the 7th Grade and just loves it. Just last night she told me "Mama, I really love GV Christian School", it made me tear up because I know she does. My daughter gets up in the mornings and is eager to start her day. We cannot find the words to tell you how blessed we are to have her be a part of GV Christian School.

From the Administration, Pastors, and Teachers everyone is awesome and doing a wonderful job in teaching our children. The children are respectful, caring, clean, uniformed and it shows that they love the school. As I sit and wait outside to pick up my daughter, I watch everyone from the adults to the children that come out of the doors of the school. They are just talking, laughing and smiling all the time. Parents talking with other parents and greeting each other.

Also, GV Christian School is great in getting parents involved. This is very important to me and it’s a lot of fun. I volunteered to do the Book Fair a few weeks ago and it was so much fun for me. I was able to meet other parents, make friends and get involved in the school. Thank you for all you do!

Jackie Casey

Over the past several years Heather had been to several schools in the area including private, magnet and home school. She never felt they were right for her and longed for something better. At Green Valley Christian School she finally felt that special sense of belonging and acceptance. This is the happiest she has been is several years. As she says, “Everyone is really nice here!”

Mona Dillon

When we first had our baby girl, we wanted nothing but the best for her, as most parents do. We talked about all of the amazing things that she could become and do with her life. All of these things we dreamed of as parents before we stepped into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We came to GV Christian Preschool when she was 5 years old and after interviewing with many other preschools, we decided that this was the best place for her, and we were not wrong. We were told during our initial interview for Kindergarten that she would be reading before Christmas and to our amazement, she was! But while all of these normal childhood things began happening, something else was happening on the inside of me as well.

Thansgiving and Marvin 141I began to come to church at GV Christian Center and felt at home the very first time I attended. One weekend when I went up for prayer, the Pastor asked me my name and to my surprise that same Pastor remembered my name the next week when they saw me. I could feel the change beginning to happen in my heart and it felt good. As life would have it, my husband decided that he was not as excited about a relationship with Jesus and turned to other things and eventually we separated. I went and spoke with my daughter’s teacher and asked them to “keep an eye on her” to make sure she was doing ok and they were fabulous. Through all of the years that she has attended GV Christian Center, we have always felt that this place was not just a school or a church but a place where you can feel safe.

My daughter has attended GV Christian School since the first day that we brought her here and it has been nothing short of astonishing to see what an amazing young lady she has grown into with the help of our “village”. She continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus and has followed her passion to serve. She has been on two mission trips with the school/church and has expressed her passion to be in full-time ministry. In June of 2014 she will be one of the first graduating class of GV Christian High School and I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments. My daughter and I both recognize what GV Christian has brought into our lives and we are grateful every day for the love and support that we have been given as “family” members of Christ.

Thank you again for helping to build the kingdom of God by investing in the education of my daughter.

Barbara Johnston

As the parent of a student who has participated in all phases of childhood development at GVCS, I am confident that the love, uspeechphoto 43education and Christian concepts my son has received has more then prepared him for what the world has in store. The staff in all three phases of his tenure (infant/preschool, elementary, prep/high school) were respectful of special needs; physical or academic.

As a sophomore, Shiloh tested at a 12th grade or college level in many subjects. The individualized attention and encouragement a smaller teacher to student ratio provided was evident in his results. Not only has he excelled academically, but the faith-based atmosphere on campus allows him to express his love for God in a warm and receptive environment. My son is in the first graduating class at GVCS. If I had to do it all over again, I would!

GV Christian School has exceeded all our expectations, and I encourage others to seriously consider enrolling their children here. Your child will not fall through the cracks at GVCS... instead you will become part of a family... a family that has your child’s best interest at heart.