Second Grade

GVCS Folder

Language Arts Material

  • Phonics and Language 2 (Abeka Curriculum)
  • Writing with Phonics Cursive 1 (Abeka Curriculum)
  • Spelling and Poetry (Abeka Curriculum)


Second grade phonics is spent expounding on and mastering concepts taught in first grade. These include, but not limited to: the 132 special sounds, phonetic rules, rhyming words and adding suffixes/prefixes.


Goals for Language are as follows:

  • Fosters an appreciation of language
  • Develop the correct use of English grammar
  • Develop study and reference skills
  • Improve listening and speaking skills


Students will learn how to write all upper and lower case letters, in cursive, using proper formation.

Spelling and Poetry

Every week, students receive a spelling list. The lists range from 20-25 words and are grouped together according to phonetic rules. They will also have 3 vocabulary words.

Math (Saxon 3rd Grade Curriculum)

  • Concepts of whole number operations
  • Fractions
  • Time and money
  • Graphing and statistics
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Memorization of math facts
  • Addition up to multiple digits to multiple digits
  • Subtraction of multiple digits to multiple digits
  • Multiplication of single digit to single digit
  • Division of single digit to single digit
2nd Grade

History and Geography (Abeka Book Curriculum)

  • Our America

History class meets once a week. The students learn about the Sweet Land of Liberty, Early America, Colonia America, A Free America, A Growing America, The American West, New America and Tomorrow’s America.

Science (Nancy Larson)

Second grade science students will: Investigate the Physical Properties of Matter, Observe Rocks and Mineral, Investigate Forces and Work, Examine Simple Machines, Explore Sound and Light, and Investigate Birds.

Bible (Deep Roots)

The focus is on the life of Jesus. We also learn about the first Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Reading (Abeka)

The reading curriculum for second grade consists of nine books:

  • Fun with Friends
  • Quest for Adventure
  • Across the Meadow
  • Wonders of Imagination
  • Through the Skies
  • Growing up in Early America
  • Growing up Around the World
  • Growing up where Jesus Lived
  • All Kinds of Animals

Our daily reading class is done as a whole group. The students practice oral reading, smoothness, reading with inflection and following along. There is also a daily focus on reading comprehension.