Marcella Kessin

Marcella Kessin


General Information

The bookkeeping office is located in the main school building. As you enter the school and make a right and pass by the Cottontails and Angels rooms, the bookkeeping office is located on your left hand side.

If you should have questions, please feel free to stop by and see me. I just ask that you respect the privacy of other parents who may be in my office and knock first.

Preschool Financial Information

Our preschool provides the best, quality care for children in a loving and nurturing environment and we think all children are a precious gift from God and are priceless. We understand the financial struggle many families are faced with today in our great nation and are sympathetic to them and believe that our rates are very reasonable. We want our families to understand that there are several factors which are used in determining our tuition rates some of which are: child to teacher ratio, overhead for staffing, utilities, and classroom supplies, etc. Regional childcare rates. Prices stated are in US Dollar Currency. Prices quoted are the current rates and are subject to change.

Information about Permanent Schedule Changes for Preschoolers

This form should be filled out when you want to PERMANENTLY change your child's regular schedule to a different schedule. Example: Change a Preschooler from 5 Full Days to 3 1/2 Days or Change a Preschooler from 2 1/2 Days for 2 Full Days etc. If you only want to temporarily change your part-time preschoolers normally scheduled days to days which are different than their normal schedule please fill out a TEMPORARY schedule change. This form is currently available at the school. Please ask a front desk receptionist for help finding this form.

Information about Temporary Schedule Changes for Preschoolers

Please fill out this form if you want to TEMPORARILY change your part time preschoolers schedule of attendance to different days than they normally come. Example: Your part time preschooler normally comes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you would like to change their days to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for one week, perhaps due to a holiday or trip out of town. This form is currently available at the school. Please ask a front desk receptionist for help finding this form.

Request for Tuition Credit (Preschool Only) Sick or Vacation Time

This form should be used to request tuition credit for vacation or sick time. Only children enrolled full time in the preschool are eligible for sick and vacation credit as outlined in the parent handbook.

Sick Time: In the event your child is ill, please notify the preschool office as soon as possible. After the third consecutive day of illness, your account will be credited 50% of the weekly tuition, IF a tuition credit form is submitted on the Monday following the child's illness. A maximum of 2 weeks sick time will be allowed annually based on enrollment date. Sick time is applicable during a regular Monday thru Friday school week.

Vacation Time: In order to receive vacation credit, a tuition credit request form must be filled out one week in advance or no credit will be given. A maximum of two weeks vacation credit will be permitted annually based on enrollment date. Vacation time is only available for full time students and is applicable during a regular Monday thru Friday school week. Vacation time is available in weekly intervals, Monday to Friday only, and cannot be split into individual days.

Refund Policy

Refund: Payments made for services already rendered/ordered/paid for are non-refundable. Services rendered includes but are not limited to: Elementary, Preparatory, and/or High School tuition, weekly preschool/daycare, Safe Key/Prep Club-before/after school care, sports participation fees, clubs, lunches, etc. Payments made for the registration of your child for the upcoming school year such as registration/enrollment fees, testing fees, book fees, activity fees, enrichment fees, technology fees are all non-refundable, non-transferable as explained in the Parent Handbook and financial agreement parents/guardians agree to and sign during the enrollment process.