Jr. High Band

Jr. High Band is an elective ensemble offered for 6th-8th Grade students. Musicians in Jr. High Band choose from woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments. Students with or without prior instrument experience are welcome. The goals of the program are to hone musical skills through developing instrument technique, note reading, and musical expression. Students work as an ensemble to appreciate music as a gift from God in our lives.

Worship Collective

This elective is a music ensemble for 7th-12th grade students by audition only. There is both a Jr. High ensemble (7th and 8th grade) and two Sr. High ensembles (9th & 10th grade and 11th & 12th). This course focuses on music as a tool to lead worship for God. Students will learn technique, foundations, and skills in either singing or playing an instrument, while developing leadership skills as they lead contemporary worship for school chapels and special events. The goals of this course include growing in the faith and worship lifestyle, developing skill/knowledge of an instrument, and sharing worship ministry through music presentation.