Physical Education

Welcome to the physical education program here at GV Christian School! Our philosophy of athletics at GVCS is an extension of our school's mission and goal statement. Our goal is to promote individual growth and development in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms as based on Christian principles. Our purpose is to shape students into strong and powerful adults who may vigorously serve our Lord and Savior.

Based on studies from the Surgeon General of the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, and the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport, the benefits for including Physical Education in Nevada Schools include:

  • Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints

  • Helps control weight, build lean muscle, and reduce fat

  • Prevents or delays the development of high blood pressure and helps reduce blood pressure in some adolescents with hypertension

Our responsibility as physical education teachers is to provide opportunities for all students to be physically educated and enjoy moving. Students who participate in quality physical education programs receive a variety of benefits in the areas of movement skills, physiological conditioning, psychosocial development, and tactical knowledge and application.

In GV Christian Physical Education classes, students learn:

  • A variety of motor skills and abilities related to lifetime leisure activities

  • The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • An understanding of movement and the human body

  • Knowledge of rules and strategies of particular games and sports

  • Knowledge on how to do resistance workouts in a way that tracks growth in a safe environment.

  • Self-confidence and self-worth as these relate to physical education

In order to achieve these goals, our 6th-8th grade physical education program teaches the fundamentals of a different sport each month.

Our schedule is as follows:

  • August - Introduction to GV Christian Physical Education Program, structure of class time, rules and expectations, etc.
  • September - Hockey (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)
  • October - Volleyball (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)
  • November - Soccer (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)
  • December - President's Physical Fitness Challenge Testing (Nevada P.E. Content Standard 4)
  • January - Basketball (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)
  • February - Dance(Nevada P.E. Content Standard 3)
  • March - Running (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)
  • April - Diamond Sports
  • May - Racquet Sports (Nevada P.E. Content Standards 1,2,4,5)

GV Christian's High School Physical Education program is a program designed to teach our students health and fitness through weight training. Our goal is to promote physical fitness today, and throughout their lives.

The first semester, class meets in the weight room where students are given the opportunity to find their baseline maximum lifting capacity for the 11 major muscle groups. Each student is required to keep a logbook to track body parts exercised, weight used, exercises performed, number of repetitions per set, etc. The first week of each month, our students track their progress through a variety of measures such as: body fat testing, weigh in, and overall improvement in performance. We constantly review proper form, technique, and strategize ways to improve overall health and wellness.

In the second semester, the class will, in addition to continuing working out with weights, come up with a ten minute workout a person can do at home. The work out will focus on stretching and body weight exercise. The point of this project will be to show how a workout needs to be complete from beginning to end even if you don’t have equipment.