Third Grade

3rd Grade
3rd Grade
3rd Grade

Penmanship (Abeka Book Curriculum)

In third grade, we learn correct formation, spacing, letter size, slant and proportion for cursive letters. On our custom pages we practice Bible verses as well.

Reading (Abeka Book Curriculum)

The reading curriculum for third grade consists of eight reading books.

  • From Shore to Shore
  • Pilgrim Boy (novel)
  • Heroes and Helpers
  • Secret in the Maple Tree (novel)
  • Among the Animals
  • Sarah Plain and Tall (novel)
  • The Cricket in Times Square (novel)

Students are required to read daily. Students practice oral reading, smoothness, reading with inflection and following along. There are weekly homework assignments, quizzes and tests that focus on reading comprehension. Students also participate in a small group setting with the teacher, where they focus on the skills needed for proper reading comprehension.

History (Abeka Book Curriculum)

History in the third grade is very exciting! Our textbook, Our American Heritage, studies the history of America through the important figures that helped form our great country. Some of the people we get to learn about are: Christopher Columbus, John Smith, Pocahontas and Miles Standish.

After studying our country's discovery and settlement, we learn about some of the founding presidents. Our curriculum not only teaches about the lives of great Americans, but also emphasizes patriotism and character development.

Science (Nancy Larson Science)

We begin the year by learning about the solar system, then we cover elements, states of matter, weather, geology, plants, and zoology.

Our curriculum offers a variety of activities for each class. Students will do research, work on projects, and experiment. Science is an exciting hands-on class!

Math (Saxon 4)

  • Number Sense and Numeration from fractions to millions
  • Concepts of whole number operations
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Time and money
  • Graphing and statistics
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Memorization of math facts
  • Addition of single digit to single digit
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication

Bible (Deep Roots)

DeepRoots provides practical activities and lessons to teach students how to apply their faith to everyday living and help develop their core values. Students learn to view all life through a Biblical perspective. DeepRoots encourages a love for Jesus, and are taught about the great sacrifice He made for us, even in Old Testament lessons. Character Trait training focuses on the heart rather than behavior to encourage character development that springs from gratitude for what Christ did for us on the Cross.

Language/Writing (Bob Jones)

The third-grade curriculum includes sentences, capitalization, punctuation, creative writing, word usage, dictionary skills, subjects and verbs, nouns, plurals and adjectives. Students also write book reports and learn to journal.

Language class is conducted for 30 minutes each day. This includes oral and written review, introduction, practice of new material and creative writing.

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Fix It Grammar
  • Greek and Latin Roots

Vocabulary and spelling tests are given weekly. Students are tested for their mastery of words. Tests include dictated sentences along with spelling and vocabulary words with their definitions.

Spelling (Abeka Book Curriculum)

We spend time each day learning how to pronounce and spell new words using the Say-Spell-Say method. We spend time on poetry as well as develop dictionary and writing skills.

Each week, there is a final test which includes the list words, vocabulary words and a dictated sentence.