Fifth Grade

Field Trips

Fifth grade takes 5 educational field trips per year. Each field trip is chosen by academic relevance to their lesson learned in class. In addition to these, our fifth grade classes take a trip to San Diego and spend the night in Wild Animal Park sleepover "Roar & Snore" in the spring. This is an annual trip that is not only informative, but tons and tons of fun!

Examples of 5th Grade Field Trips:

  • Planetarium
  • Renaissance Fair
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Clark County Museum
  • USS Midway/San Diego Zoo & Safari Park (Roar & Snore)

Language Arts

Easy Grammar: Grade 6

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (The Institute for Excellence in Writing)

Spelling and Vocabulary (Cherie A. Plant)

Our curriculum covers both grammar studies as well as tools for writing. The key concepts of grammar we cover include: parts of speech (prepositions, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, interjections), subject/predicate, sentence structure, and punctuation. The writing portion uses these key grammar concepts and integrates them in a systematic way as we learn to "dress-up" our writing with quality adjectives, -ly words, clauses, and a variety of sentence openers. We begin with key word outlines and incorporate them into creating fiction, non-fiction, research, narrative, and persuasive writing using this technique.

Students receive a weekly spelling list. Each list consists of 20-25 spelling words and vocabulary words. The spelling words are grouped together according to theme. Students will study different types of poetry and write their own poems in a journal.

Word Roots – is designed to help students expand their spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. It is based on the word elements: roots, prefixes, and suffixes originating from the Latin and Greek languages which was the foundation for much of the English language. There will be a spelling test over the words that are used for that week.

History and Geography

Old World History and Geography (A Beka Book)

Old World History and Geography Maps and Activities (A Beka Book)

In history, we study the Eastern Hemisphere by geographical region. Our studies start in the Middle East and continue through Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Oceania, and Antarctic. We explore the land, geography, animals, people, and cultures of each region as seen in Christian perspective. Each chapter contains Comprehension Checks, a Chapter Check Up, and map activities to enhance learning. During our first quarter, students present a research project and paper done on a country in the Eastern Hemisphere. There is a test following each chapter and a nine week cumulative test at the end of each quarter. Quizzes are given throughout each chapter.


Nancy Larson

Our curriculum provides a meaningful science content to elementary-age students. The Fifth Grade program focuses on interactions on a micro – and macro – scale. From exploring the Universe to exploring the possibilities of enhancing tools to make for better every day use. This program expands their learning and knowledge of the world around them.

Math (Saxon 6)

Our arithmetic curriculum covers the following mathematical concepts:

Place value, casting out 9s, number sentences, cross multiplication, money, divisibility rules, measurements, measurement conversions, probability, solving equations, dividing with a 3-digit divisor, changing decimals to fractions, multiplying decimals, rounding, graphing, dividing fractions, geometric ideas and shapes, squares and square roots, changing fractions to decimals, and dividing by a decimal.

Students work on lessons in class and have homework in math on a consistent basis. Each lesson has a speed drill and review section. Tests and quizzes are given each week and are cumulative.


Deep Roots

DeepRoots is dedicated to equipping students with a biblical worldview by helping them realize the truth of God’s design for human beings. Studying worldview in conjunction with apologetics, students can grow more confident in Christ. They will be able to care for other people by answering their objections to Christianity and offering them reasons that support the truth.

Reading (A Beka Book and various novels)

Approximately every five to six weeks, we will be exploring different genres of books. To enhance the learning and comprehension of these genres, a different project is completed. Our projects are designed to incorporate technology into their designs as well. Along with these novels, we will also be exploring different resources to extend their story elements based on characters, motivation, challenges, plots, problems, solutions and final outcomes. Short stories in group meetings will enhance their comprehension and enjoyment for reading.

Purity Class

Preparing for Adolescence by: Dr. James Dobson
(How to survive the coming years of change)

What do you say to an adolescent who's getting ready to enter those turbulent teenage years? Dr. James Dobson, one of America's leading family psychologists, knows how to speak directly and sincerely to today's adolescents about the topics that trouble them most. Topics include avoiding feelings of inferiority, handling peer pressure, drug abuse, puberty, sexual development, romantic love, overcoming discouragement, sound decision-making and handling independence.

Students meet in gender specific classes once a week for 10 weeks in the spring. During the classes, students read and discuss the sensitive topics from the book in a safe, open and biblically-based environment. Parents will receive a copy of the book at the end of the fourth grade year and are encouraged to read and discuss the book with their child before the classes begin.


Homework is assigned nightly. Students are required to copy down the assignments for homework in their daily planners.


  • P.E.- 2 times per week
  • Art - 2 times per week
  • Computers - 2 times per week
  • Music - 2 times per week
  • Chapel - 1 time per week