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AcademicsChildren learn and grow when the world around them is nurturing and stimulating.

They learn through physical play and a variety of hands on activities. Each week is a different theme that includes language development, arts and crafts, stories, music, and simple games that provide the child the opportunity for having fun and meeting new friends. Our students are given teacher guided and self-guided experiences in which they can explore. Field Day

We are a Christian Preschool and teach children about God and His love for them. We introduce simple Biblical truths such as love, honesty and respect for others and ourselves. Our program has been established to provide a loving Christian environment in which children may have an opportunity to socially interact with others, share feelings and possessions, learn to cooperate and develop self-esteem. Our staff is highly qualified and committed to provide your child with social, emotional, cognitive and physical success. Emphasis is placed on a strong home-school relationship. We believe working closely with parents is the best way to ensure your child's personal success. Welcome to the GVCS Family!

Hands On LearningWhat Our Parents Are Saying

The Zarley Family
Our family has had 4 children in the GVC Preschool program and we have had nothing but great experiences with both the school and teachers. My youngest is now enrolled in preschool and loves going to school to see her teachers, they are very caring and considerate of each child's needs. Our kids are getting a great education and learning about God. It's an awesome school with awesome teachers!

Charity Bukowski
I had pulled my 2 year old out of 2 different daycares before finding GVCS. I can not say enough nice things about Green Valley Christian and now I go to work without a worry in the world. The teachers are SO AMAZING! The room is always clean & calm and the children are always having fun. The teachers do so many activities with the kids including reading books, art activities, games, puzzles, learning of all kind etc. I pick my son up all times of the day and the room is always the same....peaceful and fun! The teachers really bond with these kids. They have taught my son so much and helps with potty training. I get calls immediately if there is a problem of any kind big or small so I always know what's going on. Toddlers Painting

The teachers also send me pics and videos throughout the day which I love:)! My son actually loves it there so much he asks to go on the weekend! They have also worked with me and tried to help my son adjust to his new little brother because I was having new behavior issues. They were so supportive and got him excited about his little brother which helped so much. My infant(7 weeks) just started here as well and again the teachers are amazing! The room is clean, calm, & loving! There are so many positives that I could go on and on! Even the ladies at the front desk are wonderful and are so friendly. They know all the kids and are always so kind! I can also not say enough great things about the preschool director who is also amazing! The bottom line, no matter the age, this is ran as a school rather than a daycare and there is nothing but a loving, safe, and nurturing environment with great teacher to student ratios & tons of fun learning rather they are infants and learning tummy time or toddlers learning ABC's. I love GVCS!

Jay Welch
The teachers and staff love and care for your children like you would at home.

OutsideSteven Zyla
Lucas has attended both Green Valley Christian Preschool and GVC Elementary School. We have had amazing experiences at both schools and would recommend both to anyone. Lucas has been truly blessed to have the teachers he has had helping to shape his young life!

Julie Manyahilhal
GV Christian Preschool is the best thing that happened to my family. I have the honor of having both of my children attend, I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old. My children are both so happy to come to school and I always leave with a warm heart knowing that they are in the best of care. The teachers are so nice and comforting! Thank you GVCS.

School SpiritJean Kristiansen
Annabelle is in her second year of preschool and we are so amazed at how great she is doing. Aside from learning all her basic ABC's, numbers, and colors, she learns about Christian faith and loving God. She is taught by amazing teachers that provide a fun, caring, and nurturing environment. Knowing that my daughter is happy to attend school everyday is such a rewarding feeling. She is in a wonderful, fun, and nurturing environment that is preparing her for years ahead while creating happy memories.

Cindi Ripp
We love GVCS! We chose Green Valley Christian Preschool to make sure our daughters were ready for kindergarten. What an incredible blessing the school has been. Not only have my girls been challenged academically in a developmentally appropriate way, but the teachers are amazing. Kind, loving and patient. Everyone is friendly and it is very apparent that the children's needs are first and everyone feel safe and loved.

Laura Jarrett
My boys are in GV Christian Preschool. We are always AMAZED with the awesome artwork we bring home! The teachers and staff are so creative and fun!

GraduationHeather Henderson-Synold
My daughter is in the Preschool, and we love her teacher! I've never experienced better parent/teacher communication, and we've seen her grow so much already this year. She takes pride in sharing what she's learned each day, and each week she loves showing off the amazing artwork she makes with Miss Megan.

Jamie Harrington Laina
There is no other place we would want our children to be than right here at GV Christian! This awesome staff is family to us!

Justine Aguirre
I love this school because it instills a godly life style and prayer throughout the entire day. They learn God's word and act out a different story every Wednesday during chapel! And her teachers are amazing! She’s in Pre-k now, but my husband and I have already made the decision to enroll her into elementary there!! We love GVCS!

Tamara Bates
I love the positive way she learns about God, the wonderful daily interactions with teachers who truly love and care about her development and the best part is , she gets to stay there and experience every level of education until college we are truly blessed to have her in such a promising institution keep up the awesome work u so rock! 

Dads DayErica Strauss
GVCPS has the BEST Teachers (and Staff- shout out to the office staff!). I honestly believe my daughter would not be as smart and advanced as she is if it wasn't for your awesome school. I feel so blessed!" I can't say enough about how impressed I am with my daughter's academic progress having gone through GVCPS from the infant room through the Pre-K program! She can read, sound out rather large words, write her letters upper and lower case and numbers 1-20, and can even count to 100 all before she was even 5 years old!

Christy Johnson
My children have a 5 year age difference so GV Christian Preschool has been an extension of our family for the past 10 years. I am saddened that I will be losing that day to day contact with all the staff as my children will both be part of the elementary next year. GV Christian Preschool has provided a memorable preschool experience for our children and our family. I have been blessed beyond measure by the loving staff and the education my children have received.

Grandparents DayRachel Allen
One of the biggest worries for me, when I choose to go back to work was the level of love and attention my boys would receive in my absence. I've found that at Green Valley I don't have that worry because I see the teachers and staff, on a regular basis, showing love to my boys. They're also teaching my boys about love, and where it comes from. It's an awesome experience to hear my 3 year old son tell our family doctor about how Jesus is in his heart while getting a check up.

Thompson Family
I love GVCPS because the teachers love my kids and make them feel safe.

Jamie Bielich
We LOVE Green Valley Christian Preschool! The fact that the teachers can communicate with you, the parent, and let you know how your child's day was is fabulous! The teachers and staff are so positive and responsive. Always willing to go the extra mile to help in anything needed. Our child has flourished in ways we never thought and feel he is very advanced for his age :) (all mothers say that right?) hehehe. Have you heard the news...Kira (our 3yr old) can count by 5's to 100! Her amazing teachers have taught her so much!! I love GVCPS!

Bonnie Levesque
I'm so proud of our school and I am so glad that I was led to it 14 years ago, I view the tuition and the money I pay as an investment into my daughter's hearts... and I go to work knowing that my girls are being taught all the things I would want to teach them if I were able to stay home.

The Mitchell Family

Erica Sharp
Thank you for such wonderful and caring teachers and staff! My children and I are blessed!

TeacherBrian & London Horner
Green Valley Christian is amazing-inspirational-devoted... The teachers and the school are beyond amazing The teachers and the school inspire my kids to grow with God and respect each other...

Veronica Moorhead
Thank you for all you do with our kids!

Alicia Holmes
I love GV Christian Pre-School because, I know the staff will take care of my children as if they were their own. Our Daughter that is in the Pre-School now looks forward to going to school each day to see her teachers and friends. The values and curriculum she is being taught is amazing!